1851 - The first annual public fair and show is held on 11 March

1852 - The sixth Auckland Agricultural and Horticultural Society Show was held in Joseph Newman's saleyards

1853 - William Swainson refers to 'the village of Newmarket'

1854 - Another nursery, Carlton Gore, is established in Newmarket at Walter Brodie's house

1858 - Captain Cook Hotel (also called the Captain Cook Inn) is built on Khyber Pass

1859 - Captain Cook Brewery is established

1860 - Great Northern Brewery is founded by Richard Seccombe

1860 - Junction Hotel is built at the junction of Manukau Road and Great South Road

1860 - Clovernook homestead is built

1860 - First recorded date for a post office in Newmarket

1860 - The 'Newmarket Blockhouse' is erected in the Auckland Domain and is staffed by Auckland militia

1860s - John Lumpkin opens a butchery

1862 - Highwic is built

1863 - A new day school is opened in the new Presbyterian church, on the corner of Mortimer Pass and Morrow Street

1863 - Hobson's Bridge is reconstructed

1863 - Newmarket Hotel is built

1863 - The Turnpike Act is passed and a toll gate is placed at the junction of Manukau Road and Remuera Road

1864 - Charles Scott McDonald establishes Newmarket Nursery on the corner of Morrow Street and Manukau Road

1865 - Construction begins on Auckland's railway line, including plans for a station at Newmarket

1868 - Newmarket is gazetted a highway district on 26 September and is brought under the Highways Act on 31 October

1869 - John Kinder photographs a waterfall in Hobson Gully

1869 - The Newmarket Literary Institute is set up and debates issues such as Darwinian theory

1870s - A wooden town hall is erected on Manukau Road (now Broadway)

1870s - Temple of Fashion, run by John Jenkins, opens

1870s - Joseph Borley becomes one of Newmarket's first bootmakers

1871 – springs reserved for water supply in Mahuru Street

1871 – Kent Bakeries opens

1873 - Newmarket's railway line is built

1873 - Highwic is extended

1873 - James Taite opens a chemist

1875 - Queen Street merchant, James Ah Kew, starts vegetable gardens on Khyber Pass Road. Ah Kew employed Chinese workers to irrigate the land and deliver produce from house to house. The land became known as the 'Chinamen's Gardens'

1875 - Newmarket Hall is constructed

1877 – Julian Brook opens a tobacconist

1876 - Auckland's first skating rink is set up in the Newmarket Hall

1877 - A 'Government school for boys' is designed by architect James Wrigley. This is to be situated at the Presbyterian church, on the corner of Mortimer Pass and Morrow Street

1878 - Newmarket Domain, the triangle of land from Lumsden Green to the top of Olympic Park, is vested in the Newmarket Highway District Board under the Newmarket Reserve Act

1879 - A contract is let for the construction of a Newmarket Junction Train Station, for Newmarket is to become the junction of the main trunk line to the south and the Kaipara line to the west and the north

1879 - Domain Brewery is built

1879 - James Carpenter opens a coal and firewood business

1881 - Park Brewery is built

1880 - The Newmarket to Glen Eden section of the Kaipara railway line is opened in March

1880s – Smith & Caugheys opens

1880s - Highwic is extended again. This was completed in 1885

1880s - Captain Cook Brewery becomes Great Northern Brewery

1880s - the Helensville Timber Co. Ltd is located on Manukau Road

1882 – Newmarket Police Station opens

1883 - Newmarket becomes a road board district

1885 - A meeting is of the burgesses of Newmarket is held and it is decided that they will not amalgamate with Auckland City but form the road board area into a borough. The Borough of Newmarket was constituted on 7 May

1885 - William Suiter is elected as Mayor, along with 9 councillors

1885 - The Newmarket Fire Brigade is formed

1885 - The Fathers of St Benedict's Parish allow Frances Chitty to open a school for Catholic children on the corner of Union Street and Khyber Pass Road

1885 - The newly elected Newmarket Borough Council undertakes kerbing and channelling in the borough to modernise the road system

1886 – Auckland Savings Bank opens in December

1886 - Newmarket Bowling and Tennis Club is established

1886 - The horse-drawn tram service eastern circuit opens to include Newmarket. Within the first week, the horse-trams were carrying 2,000 passengers a week to Newmarket

1887 - The Newmarket Literary Institute seta up a Glee Club

1887 – Carlton Club Hotel opens

The Carlton Club Hotel was designed by Edward Mahoney and Son and built in 1887 for the first mayor of Newmarket Borough Council, William Suiter, and his brewery company.

1890s - Mrs Reach's Coffee Palace opens on Manukau Road

1890 - Steam Confectionery and Peel Works open on Manukau Road

1893 - Newmarket Bowling Club is established

1897 - Harrison and Gash, a carriage building company, is established.

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